Do you need a skip permit?

What is skip permit?

Skip permit or licence allows you to keep the skip on the public property. If you are planning to place a skip on an area that’s not your property such as public highway or roads, then you would require a skip permit.

When do you need a skip permit?

Are you planning to hire a skip? Do you lack space or access to place the skip? With a skip permit, you get the access to keep the skip on the public property. If you place a skip on your private land, then there is no requirement of skip permit or license.

What are the legal requirements for skip permit?

There are certain legal requirements for place skip on public property. These rules are for the safety of the passersby and to avoid accidents. Follow these guidelines:

  • Skip should be in the best condition. Not broken or with holes.
  • Skip places shouldn’t be a hindrance to the pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Skip must not be placed blocking the drains, outside night clubs or on the verge.
  • Skip must be painted with yellow at the ends.
  • Skip should be guarded with 4 traffic cones.
  • Skip must have night lamps attached and lit at the ends and between the two traffic cones.

How to apply for a skip permit?

Majority of the councils will have the application on their website. If in Croydon, you need to visit their Skip operator’s permit page. You can download the application, fill it up and submit along with an application fee. It may take up to 7 days for your skip permit to get processed. Your skip hire company can also handle this process on your behalf with extra charges applied.

After receiving the skip permit, it remains valid for 28 days from the day skip is placed. If in case of extending the skip hire period, then a renewal of skip permit would be required.

For any skip hire needs or queries, please feel free to reach, Able Waste Services- Croydon-based waste management company. Contact us on 0208 686 9444.