Skip hire is a safe, affordable and efficient way of waste management. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while hiring a skip. One of them is fly-tipping. In this article, you will learn everything you must know about fly-tipping and ways to prevent it.

What is Fly-Tipping?
The illegal dumping of waste in the skip hired by someone else is known as fly-tipping. Local councils come across the cases of fly-tipping regularly. Fly-tipping is against the laws and if you find someone is dumping their wastes in your skip, then please report to your local authority.

How can fly-tipping cause you unnecessary issues?

Fly-tipping is a huge problem in the UK. The waste dumped can be anything ranging from sharp/hazardous items to inflammable wastes such as oils, chemicals, or glasses. If you, as a skip hirer, aren’t aware of this situation, then it can cause harm to you as well as the skip hire company.

How can you prevent fly-tipping in your skip

Closed Skips

Skips with lockable lids are a great way to stop fly-tipping. In case, you hired an open skip, then make sure to cover it up before letting it be out in the open, overnight.

CCTV installation

A visible CCTV camera can stop people from illegal fly-tipping in your skip. Because people will have the fear of getting their images on the camera and eventually being caught. Along with CCTV, installation of sensory lights and alarms have also proven to prevent illegal dumping of wastes.

Relocating the skip

Placing you skip in a secure location where fly-tipping is not possible is also a great way to prevent it. Also, keeping the skip in areas that are visible to the general public or passerby can prevent such unscrupulous people to fly-tip in your skip.

What must you do if find fly-tips in your skip?

If you find such an incident, then there are certain steps you take to avoid further issues:

Firstly, do not touch or move the wastes.
Figure out the type and size of the waste and time and date of this incident.
If you have any visible proof, collect them such as CCTV footage or any eyewitnesses.
Report to the Environment Agency and the local authority.

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