Waste management without a proper plan can be tricky. Letting a professional service provider handle this for you enhances the efficiency of waste removal and its management.

Using Skips are a great way of managing wastes in your house or property. Skips can dispose wastes of any quantity making it perfect for both domestic and commercial waste management purposes.

There are two types of skips available:
Domestic skips
Commercial skips

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Let’s discuss these two types of skips below for detailed understanding and better decision making while ordering skips.

Difference between Domestic and Commercial Skips

Do you know what are domestic skips?

Domestic skips are perfect for homeowners. So if you are renovating or repairing your house or landscaping your gardens, skips can be a great way to handle all the waste we accumulate in an efficient manner.

Domestic skips come in variable sizes ranging from 2-8 cubic yard. Skips are differentiated based on the skips sizes: Mini skips (4-6 yard), medium-sized ones (8 yards) and large skips (10-14 yards).

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Cut down the use of paper

With digitalisation, going paperless is easier than ever. Yet many organisations have quite a chunk of paper waste that shows up in their monthly audits. Make maximum efforts in making your office as greener as possible.

Do you know what are commercial skips?

As the name goes, these skips are used for commercial waste management purposes. They are usually huge in size ranging from 8-16 yards to 20-30 yards. Commercial projects generally involve a lot of dismantling and construction procedures. And also a major amount of waste accumulation happens here such as brick, cement or concrete wastes,  plastic or wood debris, metal wastes, etc. So to keep the area neat and tidy, it’s highly recommended to hire a commercial skip that helps in efficient waste management in an environmentally friendly way.

The purpose and size of skips is the major difference between Domestic and Commercial Skips.

Looking for a Professional Skip Hire Company

We hope this blog helped you in understanding the difference between Domestic and Commercial Skips.  In case of any doubt, you can contact a Skip hire company to inquire. Able Waste Services is an established Skip hire company that has years of experience in providing professionally waste management solutions. Contact us for the quickest and easiest way to remove any waste.