Sustainable waste management is every human’s responsibility. Office generates a huge amount of inevitable waste. From papers to printing products, office furniture to other miscellaneous wastes, managing the office wastes requires some great deal of planning.

Here are some tips for effective waste management in your office:

Conduct an office waste audit

 By conducting a waste audit your employees and managers understand the amount of waste that is generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This data-backed realisation helps you in creating a waste management plan for your company with sustainability, cost-cutting and efficiency in mind.

Cut down the use of paper

With digitalisation, going paperless is easier than ever. Yet many organisations have quite a chunk of paper waste that shows up in their monthly audits. Make maximum efforts in making your office as greener as possible.

Reutilise the cardboard boxes

Offices create substantially large amounts of cardboard boxes that come with their bulk equipment or stationery purchases. Find some innovative ways to reutilise them and stop dumping them every time. Storage is one of those options.

Establish eco-friendly partnerships

You can join hands with companies that can support your sustainability missions. Such as giving the leftover food from the canteen/pantry to restaurants, supplying the used bottles to water organisations, and sending out used papers to paper companies to repulp, etc.

Hire skips 

Skip hire is a necessary element that collects and disposes of the waste generated in your office corporate events, renovation, or redecoration projects. By hiring a skip, you easily manage this waste and dispose of them in the safest way possible. Hiring a skip means waste management that cause zero hassle and is 100% sustainable,

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