There are various factors affecting the skip hire prices. From skip sizes to rental period, the cost to hire a skip can vary. So, how much to hire a skip? Let’s discuss in detail.

Your Quick Skip Size Guide

Skip- A responsible and Smart Waste Disposal Method

Skips are rubbish containers that are used for both commercial and individual purposes. Skip companies deliver skips upon request, once filled, they themselves collect the waste and take it to recycle. This is not only an easy method but also an eco-friendly and versatile way of waste management.       

Skip Hire Prices – Factors to Consider

The answer to your question “how much to hire a skip?” can vary according to the following factors:

  • Rental period: Every skip company has a defined rental period which can range from two weeks to a month. 
  • Skip size: Large waste requires skips of larger size, that is expensive when compared to mini or midi skips .
  • Type of waste: Skips designated to hold biomedical, chemical or asbestos waste requires special handling, thus may cost higher than the regular skip  .
  • Collection site: If you choose a skip company near your location, then the fuel and time involved will be less thus making it affordable.
  • Collection schedule: If more frequent trips are involved, then the skip company may increase the skip hire prices.
  • Skip services: Every skip company has a different pricing policy. They may charge a price as per their experience and location. So before you make a decision, compare the prices and policies to choose the best.

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How much to hire a skip as per its size?

An important deciding factor of your skip hire prices is its size. Here’s a rough guide on the cost of a skip based on its size:

  • Mini Skip

For small jobs such as office cleaning or relocation, this skip size holds to be perfect. Mini skip size is 2 metres and is one of the most commonly used. Its cost ranges from £100 to £160 as per the rental period.

  • Medium Skip

The general size of midi skips is 3 and 4 metres. These can be used in carrying heavy items as a part of relocation or cleanup jobs. You may have to pay around £200 – £260 to hire a medium skips.

  • Large Skip

Being used in large construction projects, large skip sizes can range from 6 to12 metres. Their cost lies between £245 – £340.

Choosing Right Skip Sizes for your waste

Another commonly asked question is “What size skip do I need?”. To ensure that you choose the perfect skip size that is neither too large nor too small, apply these three rules.

  • Analyze: Evaluate why you need the skip   for. 
  • Estimate: Roughly judge the amount of waste you want to dispose of.
  • Identify: Now choose the right skip size as per above-analyzed situation.

Additional Costs involved in Skip Hire Prices

When you ask “how much to hire a skip?”, it is obvious that every hidden detail should be revealed. Saving you from any surprises, here’s a list of additional costs one may have to bear during skip hire.

  • VAT: Most of the skip companies exclude VAT when presenting their quotes. This additional VAT can come as a shock to you later on.
  • Items disposed: Every skip company will clearly state the rules of what should be put and what shouldn’t be out in a skip. Any violation can lead to the bearing of extra cost.
  • Weight Limit: Overloading, disposing of wastes over the given limit or filing till the brim is not allowed. The company can be liable to charge you extra in such cases.

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