Are you planning to hire a skip in South London? We advise you to reach your local council well-ahead to the updates rules and regulation about placing the skip on the public. You must take this necessary step before starting your project. Alternatively, you can also contact Able Waste Services, as we have the updated information for our customers.

Skip hire is a necessary element that collects and disposes of the waste generated in the building, renovation, redecoration or construction site. By hiring a skip, you easily manage this waste and dispose of them in the safest way possible. Skip, if placed on private property, then it requires no permission or permits from the local council. But at times due to lack of space in their private space, people choose to keep the skip on the road. So, if the skip is placed on the public road, that’s when you will need a permit otherwise it will be illegal and you can be fined.

Here are some other rules and restrictions to follow when placing a skip on the road:

  • You cannot place the skip on the pavement.
  • Placing the skip over a manhole isn’t allowed.
  • Blocking the utility points such as a sewer or a water piper or its access is not permitted. 
  • Placing the skip within 15 m of the junction is not allowed.
  • Once the skip is placed on the road, ensure that you put the safety lights around it and also do marking around the skip so it remains visible even at night. Placing the cones around the skip is also necessary.
  • The skip must have the name and contact number of the skip hire company.

What is a parking suspension?

In London, some areas come under the controlled parking zones a.k.a CPZs. If you are placing your skip on the public road and if that street comes under CPZ, then you will be required to get a parking suspension. Some local councils require both parking suspension as well as skip permit, while at times either of them will also work. You will have to reach your local council for further details.