Disposing of the waste can be quite hectic when you plan a big cleanout. Skip hire is a simple option for waste management. All unwanted objects can be discarded in no time.
Skip hire company diverts 90% of the waste material from landfills. The waste is handled in an ecofriendly way and causes minimum harm to the environment. From the Garden waste to Construction waste, Skip hire can be used for a broad spectrum of disposal.

Skip hire company also offers various skip sizes, by which you can choose to pay exactly for the bulk of the waste.

Now before hiring a Skip for disposal, you must know some basic things about what to do and don’ts of Skip. Here are some of the items that can be added to a Skip container.

Things you can put in a skip.

One simple rule, Separate the hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste. All kinds of Non-hazardous waste can be added to the skip. Usually, it covers all the items that you wish to get rid of.

Here are a few examples,

  • Wood
  • Garden waste
  • Soil
  • Plastic
  • Old furniture
  • Old Tiles, Toilets
  • Food waste
  • Solidified paints
  • Non-electrical fittings
  • Empty tins, Boxes, Cardboard
  • Paper waste
  • Metal waste
  • Bricks and cement blocks
  • General Household waste
    Few items should not be disposed of in a skip. These items can be a danger to those who are handling your waste.

Things that shouldn’t put in a Skip

The items that are generally Hazardous shouldn’t be added to the skip. Hazardous items are waste that has substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment. These items should be disposed of separately undertaking some precautions.

Below listed Waste shouldn’t be added to a Skip

  • Asbestos
    Asbestos is carcinogenic and is very hazardous. All the items containing asbestos content must be disposed of, especially to an Asbestos contractor.
  • Electrical equipment
    All the electrical items such as Old Mobile phone, Fridge, ACs, Televisions, etc may seem to be a general waste but most of them contain harmful gases and compounds. So, it must be disposed of separately. Many high-end stores across the streets also have an exchange policy, which can also be the best alternative.
  • Gas Cylinders
    Even though Gas cylinders are metal, they can be dangerous. Even an empty gas cylinder may contain flammable gases inside it. So, it is better to sell the gas cylinder back to retailers or recycle for a better purpose.
  • Medical Waste and Chemical Waste
    Clinical waste if mixed with the general waste can be a breeding ground for several kinds of pathogen.
  • Batteries and Fluorescent Bulb
    Batteries contain corrosive acid which is very serious and items such as fluorescent tubes contain poisonous mercury. Such kind of waste should be handled with care.

This was a brief guide for the items that can and cannot be put in a Skip. In case of any doubt, you can contact a Skip hire company to inquire. Able Waste Services is an established Skip hire company that has years of experience in providing professionally waste management solutions. Contact us for the quickest and easiest way to remove any waste.