If you are up for a spring clean or office declutter or even garden renovation, skip hire is probably a convenient way to remove junk. The rubble and rubbish generated are disposed of in a responsible way.
Now when you search online for skip hire services, you will probably end up with a list of Skip hire companies with varied price lists. Ever wondered why?
The hire price difference is far more prosaic. Some of the factors that affect the prices are as follows

Factors affecting Skip hire price

  • Skip size
    Skip size is the primary consideration for pricing. The price is directly proportional to the skip size, higher the price for large skip size.
    Skip company provides varied sizes of skip according to the usage. 6, 8,12, and 14-yard size for domestic usage. 20, 30, and 40 yards skip size for extensive construction projects.
    Firstly, we need to access our waste and determine the size of the skip needed. Overestimation may lead to spending more on hire service.
    In Worse situation, underestimation of waste size will lead to ordering one more skip for assistance. This will increase the overall cost.
  • Hire duration
    Scheduling waste collection can be an easy way to reduce costs. The skip hire company provides various schemes for collection on a day to day basis and weekly basis. For a short renovation project, day to day basis collection will be effective whereas for domestic waste collection weekly based systems will be effective.
    Extending the scheduled dates may also have additional charges. So, schedule the waste collection timings and pay the best for the service.
  • Type of Rubbish
    Now the type of waste is very significant. Some may require special handling. Some skip hiring companies to provide special services for asbestos collection and e-waste collection.
    While placing the hire request, communicate the type of waste. This will help you get an appropriate service for an affordable price
  • Proximity of location
    Hiring a nearby company will be more affordable than hiring a company located very far away. They will quote a reasonable price based on the proximity. The pricing incorporates the cost of hiring, labor cost, and fuel charges. Longer the distance of transportation higher the charges. So, compare the overall charges of the companies before placing a skip hire.

We all wish to skip hire at the cheapest and more affordable rates. Always remember to choose the best-fit skip size and compare prices of skip hire companies. This will help you to reach a preferable skip hire.
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