Proper disposal of rubbish is essential. When it comes to disposing of large amounts of rubbish in the commercial industry, large containers that are robust and heavy-load bearing is a must. That’s where commercial skip hire comes into place. In this article, we will discuss everything you must know about commercial skip hire services.

Commercial skip hire- The what?
Large commercial projects such as demolition projects, refits and renovations produce huge amounts of waste like product packaging or building materials. Disposing of these wastes through repeated trips to the local waste management centre can be a daunting task. With commercial skip hire, you can rent a 4 to 14 yards skip, depending on your project and budget and effortlessly responsibly manage these wastes.

The importance of commercial skip hire
Commercial construction works for instance a renovation work takes time to complete. Additionally, such works generate a lot of business waste that requires safe disposal. Commercial skip hire services free you from the worries of how and where to safely dispose of your business waste. As the skip hire company will handle it, all you have to do is dump the rubbish as per the rules and regulations.

Commercial Skip Hire- The Types
There are mainly five types of skip sizes available. You can choose them as per your project and budget.

  • Mini Skips- used for domestic projects such as garden wastes
  • Midi skips- Best suitable for small scale renovation projects
  • Builder skips- can be used for construction projects’ wastes
  • Large skips-used for a large number of wastes
  • Roll-on-roll-off- can be used for bulky materials like soil, rubble and brick.

How to hire commercial skips?
Commercial skip hire services can be immensely useful and time-saving. You can contact a skip hire company as they would help you with the appropriate information and services that suit your exact needs. We at Able Waste Services are pioneers in this industry and we offer easy skip hire services across London. You can get in touch with us for reliable and affordable commercial skip hire services.
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