“Construction companies alone use 4000 million tonnes of material each year. 100 million of these are wasted and 60 million are due to over-ordering, damaged from poor storage”.

Waste is an inevitable part of any construction, demolishing, or refurbishment projects. The waste can be managed well if we reduce and recycle waste. Following this R’s can be a little hectic but it is simply unavoidable. Piles of Rubble and rubbish is not very eye-soothing in the construction sites.

Especially if the construction sites are less spacious, it can almost hamper the efficiency of work. Skip hire can automate your waste collection. It can make management simpler and work more efficiently.

If it is still not convincing here are a few reasons why skip hire is important in construction.

  • Aids disposal of waste lawfully
    Before starting any construction work, you should consider hiring a skip hire service well in advance. The waste generated in the process contains all types of waste; most of them can be recycled, for example, gypsum board, Bricks, concrete, etc. Segregating waste and disposing of them differently can be extremely time-consuming.

Skip hire company tailors the plan according to your requirement and helps you dispose of waste lawfully. The waste generating source and transporting agency both are legally liable for the waste. So, the waste generated is disposed of with the utmost vigilance.

  • Cost-effective
    Now think about if you lacked a dustbin in the house all the waste will be piled up somewhere at the corner of the house or mostly the paper trash will lie around randomly. In construction sites, Skip serves as a place where all the waste can be disposed of. This will make the place cleaner.

Skip hire is time and money-saving. It reduces the overall cost of construction. It saves the extra arrangement of wages, truck hire, transportation charges, and long waiting times. All such costs will be covered by the skip hire company. Moreover, skip hire companies also offer varied skip sizes. This helps contractors to pay for the volume of waste generated affordably.

  • Ensure safe workspace
    Waste lying around is sometimes a potential fire hazard. Messy construction sites can cause avoidable injuries to workers. Skip hire can save the health of the workers on the site and improve efficiency. It also ensures the timely collection of waste which will promote a better work area.
  • Improve business reputation
    Cleaner construction sites are compelling to the eyes. Rather than piled up waste hills and people walking around them, a clean worksite promotes a whole new level of professionalism. It could be a selling point for many homeowners.
  • Help to improve the Environment
    Construction and demolishing are itself acts that alter the environment. Being socially responsible citizens, we should focus more on recycling the waste and minimize dumping in landfills. Skip hire company is a completely reliable option in such a case. It diverts 90% of waste from landfills.
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